Who am I and who are we... 

                                  I am Valentina, entrepreneur and link between the Artisans of my country of origin, Argentina, and this other side of the Ocean. 

I have always sought to show, through this type of art, a reality that is not always seen when traveling to Northern Argentina. As tourists we often see only one side of the coin, perhaps without stopping to think about how a carpet, acushion, one blanket to our hands, to our houses.... 

I needed to promote the Communities of the Original Peoples, count on each Christmas Market,design, or at every opportunity that myclients They gave me the history of each fabric. 

These women and their families havethe need to encompass a market sector that they could not access and through this project, we are achieving it, we generate a circular economy in which we benefiteveryone. 

I respect the guidelines of Fair Trade, the traditions and times needed by the weavers to raise their cattle (llamas and sheep), the shearing season, the dyeing times, the chaguar harvest seasons...nothing makes us rush get, out of his fair time, what will later result in an artisanal product,natural, eternal and of excellence. 

NORTH WIND in Argentina is a warm wind and now that we are on this side of the world, it comes to take away the cold.

Thanks for visiting us.